About Us


The Machine Matching Platform


Smart Choice is ‘The Machine Matching Platform’ for used precision metal working equipment. Our trading platform allows businesses send their used machinery to us to list out for sale. Our team of technicians and software experts ensure that these machines are in optimal running condition before offering them on the platform to businesses looking to purchase a used machine.

The machinery traded on our platform include CNC Milling, CNC Lathe, CNC Turning, Machine Center, Fiber Laser Machine, Plastic Injection Machine, Special Purpose Machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Wire Cut EDM, and other industrial machines.

To date, over 500 machines have been traded in our platform and we look forward to serving more businesses, locally and internationally.


We believe that we can transform operational productivity for all the businesses that we serve. When we equip them with more reliable machinery and better technical know-how, businesses will spend less time on machine troubleshooting and more time increasing their productivity and profits.


We aim to be the largest one-stop trading center for a wide range of machinery in Malaysia and globally. 

In the nearest future, we target to match 200 businesses to the right machinery for their  business and train their employees to equip them with the skills they need to operate the machines purchased.


Smart Choice platform matches machine sellers to their buyers and vice versa. We provide our customers with a complete set of processing technology solutions, from sourcing, maintenance and repair of machinery, to consultation to match our customers with the right machines that best meets their needs and budget.

Post sale, we train our buyers on how to use their machine and help to configure the software to their business requirements.

From sale to after sale, we guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction.


The Smart Choice team has over 20 years of industry expertise. 

Our team is made up of repair machine technicians, program application personnel, software solution personnel and sales personnel. Beyond the focus on hardware, we place high priority in ensuring the software in our machinery are properly configured and is running smoothly. That is why, we have several software experts in our team as well. 

With our combined expertise, we work seamlessly as a team to ensure that our customers are well guided on the exact machine that they need for their business. 



The Smart Choice platform allows you to easily select or request for machines that you want, and we will do the rest. We ensure that your machine runs like new with its software properly configured.


Before listing them online, our machines have gone through vigorous testing and maintenance to ensure that they run like new. What you get are high quality machinery at reasonable prices.


When you buy machinery from us, you are not just getting the equipment. It comes with 20 years of industry expertise, so you can be assured that you are getting the right machine that you need and the training your employees need on handling of equipment.